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Rockfish Games has decided to lay out their plans for the content coming to Everspace 2 with a look at the roadmap for 2021. The plans so far are not highly detailed, as we’re sure they’re keeping some of it a secret for people to check out on their own. But right now we know they are planning milestones for upcoming star systems, as well as the addition of several major gameplay features such as fast travel, new companions, activities, and story content. They’ll also be adding new player ships for test pilots to check out in Early Access.. We got a quote about it all from the company’s CEO below as we now wait to see that content come to fruition.

The crew have some ambitious plans for the rest of the year, courtesy of Rockfish Games.The crew have some ambitious plans for the rest of the year, courtesy of Rockfish Games.
The crew have some ambitious plans for the rest of the year, courtesy of Rockfish Games.

“Since launching in Early Access a few weeks ago, we’ve received a ton of positive feedback from our community, content creators, and the gaming press. Some outlets even tout Everspace 2 as “Roque Squadron meets Diablo,” “The Witcher of Spacer Shooters,” “Nailing Those Freelancer Vibes So Far,” or “Descent and Privateer had a baby,” said Michael Schade, CEO & co-founder of Rockfish Games. “Of course, we love these kinds of headlines, but we also want to manage expectations. While we absolutely took inspiration from various iconic space combat and looter RPGs, we also want to create something new with Everspace 2 that stands for its own, especially within the space combat & exploration genre. Of course, Everspace 2 is far from being finished, but with most of its gameplay mechanics already in place and with 92% positive out of 1700+ reviews, we think we are off to a good start and look forward to shaping our creative vision together with our community over the next 18ish months. A big part of our ongoing plan is to continue our weekly live streams on Twitch and YouTube so that space game enthusiasts interested in our game can make an educated purchase decision or ask specific questions in chat to me and other members of our development team directly.”

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