These Video Game Side Missions SUCK! – WhatCulture

As video games have moved ever closer to the realms of cinema over recent years, so too have their narratives. Where once we were content to aim for high scores and not question the deeper motives of Space Invaders and the like, now it’s all about deep and complex stories each wrought with emotional complexity.

I, for one, am grateful for this as I absolutely love getting stuck into a hefty story, but you know what? Maybe you fancy a bit of a break from the constant throb of the main plot because you’ve spied a card game or cool looking quest. These side missions stand to enrich your understanding of the world you’re in and offer unique experiences that the central plot simply cannot.

Plus the rewards are usually some of the best in the entire game, affording those looking for a more scenic route better gear and possibly better times! However, the entries here… well, they were just the absolute worst and were so infuriating that you might have popped a vein and a bollock in frustration. There’s no clearer way to say this than THESE VIDEO GAME SIDE MISSIONS SUCK.